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Your local, independent Registered Digital Installer (RDI), based in Torquay, covering Torbay and the South Hams area.

Services include:
  TV , DAB & FM aerial fitting / replacement
  Coax cable installation / replacement
  TV signal distribution for multiple rooms
  Fitting additional TV outlets
  Satellite dish installation / alignment
  TV / satellite receiver connection and setup
Contact details:
  Tel:01803 607147
  Mobile:07936 798860

 Address:13 Roundhill Road, Livermead, Torquay, TQ2 6TQ

Website Information

The digital switchover will be a major change for many viewers, requiring everyone to "get set for digital" as advertised by Digital UK. All viewers need to have (or will need to obtain) some form of digital receiver, and there are a great many options available.

This website aims to provide helpful information, with explanations of the different digital TV options and what each one entails.
If there's something missing that you would like to see included in these pages, do please Email me and I'll try to include it.

The digital switchover affects all existing analogue TV equipment, but some of the digital TV options are not available in every location. The Digital Switchover page gives details about what equipment will be required and when it will be needed.

Links to the various digital TV options: Freeview, Satellite TV (Sky and Freesat) and Cable TV pages are also available at the top of this page.

The technical details for digital TV use a number of different acronyms - the glossary provides a brief explanation of these. Useful links to other web sites are also available, as well as a section on health and safety.

Jim's Aerials - Capability

Digital TV doesn't require a special "digital" aerial. Many existing aerials will work perfectly well for Freeview, particularly if they are giving a good analogue picture. Aerials giving a less than ideal analogue picture (including set-top aerials) however, may need something better.

Jim's Aerials uses digital maps to assess the predicted Freeview reception quality and signal strength. This analysis provides more information than postcode checkers, and enables the optimum aerial to be selected. Difficult reception areas can also be checked by this method to determine whether they will have acceptable Freeview coverage after switchover, or whether an alternative service would be more appropriate.

Changes to transmitter antennas at Beacon Hill have resulted in worse digital reception for some viewers during 2008. Where these problems occur, they may well continue until the analogue service is switched off completely. The Freeview pages help to explain what's been happening and why it affects reception.

Information is also provided for specific areas of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham that may require new TV aerials for Freeview. Some TV aerial changes may also be required in Bovey Tracey and Harbertonford in the South Hams region due to changes being made to the local TV relay transmitters.

Cost & Guarantee

As each aerial job is unique, quoting a "standard" price is not possible, but as a guide, a loft aerial could be as little as £60, and an external aerial on a chimney bracket would be around £135.

Quotes for a new aerial are likely to be in the range of £90 to £150.

Larger, high gain aerials cost more, as do masthead and distribution amplifiers.

Each job will be quoted individually, with no obligation.

All installation work is guaranteed for three years. Components carry the manufacturer's guarantee period (typically one year).

About Jim

I've always had an interest in radio and television, and started as an aerial installer in 2007, when my previous job was relocated to China. I spent 19 years as a development engineer working on high speed optical transmitters (laser diodes) for fibre-optic communications for Bookham, Marconi, Nortel Networks and STC. Before that, I worked at British Aerospace in Bristol on test equipment for military radar. All this has given me a good technical understanding for the digital switchover, but since experience is also important, I often team up with Richard who has been installing aerials for more than 30 years.